Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm feeling lazy today. I just don't have the motivation to write. So, I have two quick things to leave with you.

1. I mentioned earlier that I'm planning on writing a post on being a good steward of our homes and then Sarah at Clover Lane beat me to it. More or less. She did a post today called, "40 Days Tips and Tricks: House Love". In her post she captured a lot of the same thoughts I've been having. I'll still elaborate on a few of my own thoughts...probably sometime next week. In the meantime, be sure to check out her post.

2. I'm anxious to get started on our garden. But, I'm stuck. Here's why...

Our garden area is filled right now with brush waiting to be burned and wood waiting to be split and piled. Only after that can it be plowed and prepared for planting.

One other note about our garden. It's not actually in our yard. It's in the yard beside us. Our back yard is very small without any tillable areas. It's taken up by the septic system and it's drainage field and a shallow well.

My in-laws own the house next to us and rent it out (It's the house my husband grew up in. And, right now, his sister is actually living there.). It has a large yard and we're able to use it for our gardening. The only inconvenient part is that you can't see our back yard or house from the garden (there's a barn/shed between the 2 properties). So, while I would love to work on my gardening while the younger children are napping, it's just too far from our house & out of earshot and my vision.

3. I've moved into the technological age! I just discovered today that with our new wifi router I can access the web from my Nook (It's like a Kindle. It was a Christmas gift from my brother in law). I'm a little dizzy with this sudden advancement.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I want to plant my garden. But it is still so wet. We have a few nice days then it decides to rain or snow. Ugh

  2. I wish we had green grass here! Instead we have snow. I believe the sun will come and eventually it will melt. It's been a weird winter.

    I too am aching to begin gardening. I guess I will have to wait a while longer.

  3. I love all the green grass you have. It's all yellow here in Sweden now... I hope you enjoyed your lazy day. :-)


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