Monday, November 14, 2011

Nothing Too Heavy Today...I Promise

Well, after my series of posts last week on doubt and faith, I figured today it was time for something a bit lighter.  Not to mention, writing those heavy, soul-baring posts was pretty draining.  It was good though to be able to put all my thoughts (well, not ALL, but many) in one spot.

Sooooo, yesterday was my birthday....the four and the one.  Yup.  41.  I really wasn't thinking too much about it in the days leading up to my birthday.  Just another day.  Plus I found this little saying which I thought was a good reflection on why we really should celebrate (instead of lament) each year we are given...

Still, I struggled a bit more with 41 than I thought I would.  I was in a 'woe is me' state for a while.  But, I eventually snapped out of it thanks to my dear hubby who got me a couple lovely gifts (cordial cherries!  and a decanter).  And, then he took me out to dinner at a lovely restaurant.

AND, I was able to wear a pair of size 12 jeans for the first time since I've lost weight.  (I'm still more of a 14 right now, but this pair worked!)  THAT was a thrill.  So, before we went out we had to take a few pictures.  (After all I was all dressed up in size 12 jeans & I had makeup on and my hair down!)

One other note from our birthday dinner:  If a waiter in a fancy restaurant tells you that the venison in their one dish is marinated for 2 days, then slow roasted for 2 days and that it doesn't taste gamey at all and just falls off the bone, take that recommendation with a grain of salt.  

I'm still not sure why I ordered it....after all since I'm married to a hunter we eat venison (or as we say, deer meat!)  more often than beef anyway.  But, I guess I wanted to see what a fancy restaurant was capable of.  Needless to say, it was good (the sauce was especially delicious) but it wasn't amazing (and certainly not worth the amount of money they charged for it).  I have to say that I have prepared venison at home that was more tender.  Just sayin'.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a fabulous week!


  1. So glad you posted the pictures because they were sooooo great. :)

  2. You look wonderful. Love the pictures. Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday, Karen! You look GREAT; you and your husband make a beautiful couple!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! You look lovely all dressed up. I am finding that I prefer our food at home more so than restaurants' as well. Glad you got a night out with your hubby.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! You look lovely and I'm so glad you went out and had a great time! :)


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