Monday, November 21, 2011

Do You Have A Suggestion?

For Christmas this year we would like to get my oldest two boys their first 'real' Bibles.  They've outgrown the children's storybook Bibles and they need something that they can take to Sunday School that has the Bible in it's entirety.

We realized it was time when our one son mentioned that they sometimes do 'Sword Drills' in Sunday School where they try to find different verses as quickly as they can.

I would like something that is a large enough print for them to be able to easily read it.  And, it would be nice if it still had pictures or illustrations here and there.  Do any of your children have a Bible that is easy for them to use.

I would love any suggestions you may have.....


  1. Sam uses the NIrV Discover's Bible for Young Readers for school. It has pictures, large print and is written so he can understand it (he's almost 9). Hope this helps!

  2. There are soooooooooo many today! I am sure you will find a great one...I am past that stage and the younger one isn't there yet

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


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