Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Agreed To This!

I think we have all had those times when we've been asked to do something and in that moment it seems like a good idea...exciting even!  Then, after we've said yes & considered what it's really going to take, we wonder what we've got ourselves into.

What?  That's never happened to you?  Well, it has to me on numerous occassions.  And, this most recent one is a doozy (for me anyway).

On Sunday we had dinner at my parent's house to celebrate some family Fall birthdays.  My sister, Lorinda, who has also recently lost weight asked me (ME!) if I would run a 5K with her on Thanksgiving morning!

Actually, it's Lorinda's friend Missy (who has also recently lost weight) who got Lorinda involved.  And, Lorinda figured the more people she could get to do it, the more likely she was to follow through with it.

You know, I read these inspiring stories all the time about people who decide to make healthy changes in their life and they sign up to do stuff (like run a 5K!) that they never thought they could do before.  And, they do it and it just motivates them to push  through to the next challenge and the next....until they become 'a former couch potato turned athletic individual'.

This is what I had in mind when I said, 'Sure!'.

It wasn't until I came home that night that I started to think about what would actually be involved in preparing for a 5K.  For a person such as myself who pretty much has a nonexistant exercise routine, there would be some, gasp, training involved.

I talked to my husband yesterday about when might be the best time for me to get out of the house without children to do this training.  We agreed that when he comes home over lunchtime I could get out and do my running/walking.

Today was the first day.

I learned that I'm way out of shape.  Actually, I already knew this.  It was just confirmed.  

But, I met my goal.  I ran to my first landmark goal down the road and walked back.

I thought I'd commemorate the first day by recording how I look now.  And, hopefully I'll look back on Thanksgiving Day and see some changes.  (Please note I am not particularly photgenic to begin with.  And, these were taken after my first 'workout' when I'm looking & feeling a little bedraggled.)

 Here I am on the 1st day of November...less than a month to train!

 But, I'm excited.  No, really.....

I am excited!

 Wait.  How's this for convincing?

Wish me luck folks.  I think I'm going to need it.


  1. Good luck! You can do it! I love 5ks, as soon as I am done nursing the baby, I will be running them too. Your pics are cracking me up, actually it is the captions. You are so funny.

  2. Good for you Karen!!
    Can't wait to hear about your progress!
    have a happy day

  3. you can do it and you will love yourself for it.

  4. If we lived closer, I would run with you!
    And I can't believe you said you are not photogenic, I always think of how beautiful your face is!
    Congrats on meeting your goal for today- I am sure it will get easier.
    Praying for you and excited for you too.

  5. What a great new adventure. Good luck to you. I wish I could train with you.

  6. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Good luck! You can do it! Once I lop off the other person I've been carrying around with me, I am going to start this long process myself.

  7. You can totally do this!! It's funny I have a friend who runs marathons and another who runs 5k's occasionally and I have never wanted to join them. But for some reason I want to join you (not physically since we live across the country). I am actually considering running after reading that. Yikes!


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