Monday, May 2, 2011

Honesty and A Link

For those of you who take a look at my monthly weigh-in on my sidebar, you'll notice something that embarrasses me.  I didn't lose anything this month.  As a matter of fact I gained back several pounds.


I knew this was coming.  I haven't been very careful about what I've eaten this past month.  And, I resumed snacking at night-time.  So, while I have also been more active working outside in my flowerbeds and so forth, I knew it wasn't enough to counter my calorie intake.

I really debated if I'd post my results this month or if I'd just eliminate my side-bar weigh-in altogether.  

I opted for honesty.  Yes.  I gained weight this month.

I really need to buckle down and get serious.  I was at my doctor's office this week.  (My boys passed along a lovely case of pinkeye to me).  The nurse did the routine weigh-in like they do with any visit.  And, when I asked if I could see what I weighed in previous visits, I was reminded HOW MUCH I've gained in the last several years.  Granted I've had four children, but I can't pass this extra weight off as baby weight any longer.  My last baby is almost a year and a half.  

And, I want to be healthy.  I want to be active.  And, I'd like to put on a pair of jeans without inwardly cursing myself.  

So, I'll keep plugging away.  I sure could use any words of encouragement or advice you may have.

Finally, I wanted to share a link with you today.  Becky at From Ministry to Motherhood posted something about the reactions to the news of Osama bin Laden's death.  She discusses what our response as Christians should be.

 I had such conflicted emotions.  I'm proud of our troops.  My humanity cries out for justice.  And yet,  rejoicing over the death of another human being, no matter how evil, left me unsettled.  You can read Becky's thought provoking post here.

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for sharing my post Karen. I appreciate that.

    Don't worry. You'll get the weight off. I'm going through a similar struggle. You are not alone. I figure as long as we keep moving ahead we'll eventually get there! One tip someone passed along to me that seems to be helping is to drink a large glass of water right before meals. It seems to help me eat less.

    Have a great week!

  2. I, too, had mixed emotions this morning. At first I was, "OMW! That is awesome! Way to go troops!" But, as the morning went on, I became very unsettled about my initial response. This was a human being, created in God's image.
    On, the weight loss, I've always struggled. But, it finally worked when I decided I had to give it my all. I decided I wanted to be healthy and I would give no more excuses. It was all-consuming, but only for 2 weeks until I got into "habits". It helped to not consider it to be a "diet", but a lifestyle. Oh, and actually using measuring tools to figure out servings.

  3. I'm sure you loose the weight in time. I have gained about 9 pounds in the last year, no idea why? And I have no kids... But I don't really see it as a problem. It's just a fact. I'm still the same person regardless of my appearance (good or bad). :-)

  4. Oh with you girl on the weight gained back...I got spring lazy last month..that is why I am doing the 31 day challenge.

    Don't be so hard on have plenty of time...I was still nursing at that age, so I didn't worry about it until I stopped and then it still comes off in due season. You will be great before you know it.

    As for celebrating over a death...I don't know that celebrate is the right word...but then again, in the Old Testament they did celebrate...Debra wrote a whole chapter in the battle over Jael's nailing the enemy to the I really don't have an opinion either way....just ready for our troops to come home...that is from a Mommy of boys' heart.

    Oh love your new captures your boys and life with boys.

  5. hi karen - i haven't been over here in a while, the new header/background look great!! i'm really sorry to hear about the weight gain - so frustrating! thankfully, it's just a little bit - you've lost it before, you can do it again ... you caught it early - you can do it!! I too have an upcoming dr appt and I am SOOOO dreading the weight part - I know it's not good - so I am about to face the same harsh reality as you :-(


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