Friday, April 16, 2010

Less Guilt, More Joy

Today I am choosing
not to feel guilty that...

- I'm buying sticky buns instead of baking them for tomorrow morning's meeting.

- I still use the dryer sometimes on sunny days instead of hanging out all my laundry.

- I have not been pumping & freezing breastmilk to save for future use in the event I need to be away from my breastfed baby.

- I alone (over the course of time) ate almost the entire bag of M&M's.

- My floors are sticky again.

- I haven't finished weeding & mulching my flowerbeds & I haven't even looked at my garden yet since my hubby planted some things a couple weeks ago.

Today I am taking joy in this...

- I get to pack lunch for my oldest son to take to school. I remember when I was single & childless and I was having lunch with a group of Kindergarten children who were part of a before & after school program I worked at. I specifically remember a little boy named Tommy opening the lunch his mother had packed for him. And, I remember thinking how much I longed to have a child to pack a lunch for. And now I do.

- Watching my husband mow the yard last night as I sat on the deck with the baby and the other boys ran through the mowed areas.

- Looking at the mess in my house and knowing it is there because my house if filled with loved ones.

- Even though we live right up against a road that is too busy for my comfort, when I look out the back my view is of fields, trees, and meadows.

- My dog who always lays right at my feet whenever I sit down. I've never had a pet so loyal and loving as Abbey-dog.

- God's provision...each and every day. He is faithful!

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