Tuesday, April 6, 2010


About 2 miles from our house, there is a property for sale by owner. I've driven by this place at least 3 times now because it is pretty close to being my dream property. It is 4 1/2 acres which include a fenced meadow, a stream, a long driveway, plenty of outbuildings (for hubby), and area for the children to run. While I've only seen the house from outside, it appears to be well-maintained & has a huge deck for entertaining.

However, it is way out of our price range. I know this because I was curious and called to get the information. The owner called us back last night and talked to my husband. He has an asking price, but is taking bids until Friday. The best offer will take it.

1. The asking price is already well out of our range
2. I'm pretty sure it will get bid up even higher. We live in a largely Old Order Mennonite community. Some don't use electricity, and many still use horse & buggy. This kind of property is right up their alley. And, the Mennonite families pool their resources when someone is ready to buy a home. Many contribute to make it possible.

Still, it's nice to dream. My husband and I have a 5 year plan. We hope to be able to purchase a property similar to this one by that time. In the meantime, we save and dream. Since I'm talking about it, can I tell you what my dream home is?
1. Acreage - Our home right now is on a very small piece of land. It feels bigger because we have a field behind us & our in-laws own the 2 properties to the right of us. So, our kids have run of lots of space. But, we would love to have a place with lots of land (at least 5 acres) of our own. A meadow & a stream would be pluses!
2. An older home - We love the character of older homes. We'd especially love to have an old stone farmhouse. But, even if it's not stone, we still love the feel of old farmhouses...they just feel homey.
3. A large, bright eat-in kitchen. We have a large eat-in kitchen now, but no separate formal dining room (which I'd also like to have). And, our kitchen now isn't very bright, has old (50+ years) linoleum, & mismatching cabinetry. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so I'd love to have a nice one.
4. Hardwood floors. 'nuff said.
5. A large mud-room. With four very active boys & a very outdoorsy husband, I would love to have a place to catch all the dirt & paraphenalia that makes it's way inside.
6. At least 4 bedrooms. We don't have to have separate bedrooms for all the boys. As a matter of fact I think it's good for them to share bedrooms. But, it would be nice to have the option of separating some of them if we need to.
7. Outbuildings/ barns. My husband wants a workspace for his tinkering, fixing his motorcycle, working on tractors, etc.
8. A large living or family room to make it easy to entertain. Our living room right now is teeny. If more than 4 people are in it at one time you start to feel claustrophobic. Space to spread out would be great.
9. Space for a piano. I took lessons as a child and although I can't really play anymore, I'd still love to have one to fiddle with.
10. Quiet, secluded with a long driveway.

So, there you have my dream. What is yours?


  1. I am content in our current home. But I do have to say that my dream home would be a vacation cottage at the Jersey shore...would be very happy to spend the entire summer there.

  2. I have now caught up on all your blog stories. I do not give the boys floride either and then I thought it odd to have it wear off their teeth and after hearing that it makes my tummy churn....I despise going to the dentist anyhow. I didn't need another reason to despise it more! LOVE your new pictures, the way you have the boys photos on the side, the porch chairs (so pretty) and your funny pic on the side.

    And I would tell you about my dream house, but it would take it too long. Hope you get yours!

  3. Barb, ah yes, contentment. I'm working on that one. Sometimes I feel guilty for even having a 'dream house'. And, there are so many things that I really am grateful for with our current house. For we're so close to my in-laws and that has been a really neat experience for our boys to live so close to their grandparents. Also, John can ride his bike to work, so we only need one vehicle. Our house has family history & is in a great neighborhood. And, it's where we have lived since we were first married. I know if we ever did find our dream house, I would still miss this house.

    Denise, I'm glad you like the new pictures & arrangement. It's kinda funny though, because when I was taking the new pictures for the header, my husband was asking me what I was doing. He couldn't understand why I was taking pictures of chairs & the swingset. I was a little embarrassed to tell him it was for my blog.
    And, I would LOVE to hear about your dream house! Maybe you'll have to write a post on that topic. :)


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