Friday, April 27, 2012

Yard Salin', Craigslistin', & a Sneak Peek

Yard Salin'
I happened across a yard/moving sale this morning as I was running errands.  I think I got a pretty sweet deal....and I probably could have gotten a lot more.  But, I had my little two with me & it was really chilly and this yard sale was really busy.

Nothing was marked.  I had to track down the persons in charge & ask the prices.  Usually, I'll just ditch a yard sale when this is the case.  But, there were some really nice items.  I missed my chance with one piece.  There was an vintage-y, unique, wicker chair that I didn't even bother asking about because I figured it was too much.  Someone else asked though & I could have cried when I heard the woman say "Oh I don't know.  50 cents?  25 cents?  Whatever."  

But, here's what I got...not AS sweet a deal as that would have been, but still pretty good.  I got all this for $10.

 - 2 really nice, large & heavy pottery garden urns
 - 1 heavy pottery window box (I'd probably re-paint this piece)
 - 1 clear glass 9x11 baking dish
 - 1 red ceramic 9x11 baking dish
 - 1 red ceramic square baking dish with lid
 - a butterfly plate (not really my thing.  It was in the box with the baking dishes)

I think I mentioned this piece of furniture a few posts ago.  I was obsessing over this piece from the time I saw it till I was able to go pick it up.  I was so afraid he'd sell it to someone else.  I've been looking for something like this for a while.  

It's an 8 foot long seating area/ storage.  The top lifts up.  Originally I wanted something like this in my sunroom/mudroom.  Right now I have it in my dining area along the wall.  I'm not sure where I'll leave it.  In the dining area, it would be extra seating when people are over for birthdays, etc.  

I went to pick this up with my sister-in-law's help.  What a fiasco.  Me and my 8 year old son were trying to hitch the trailer to the van by ourselves.  That alone took about half an hour (whereas my husband could have done it in 5 minutes).  We stopped at my husband's work for him to check and see if we put it on right.  Good thing we did, because it was NOT on correctly.

Then it was a lot longer drive to the seller's house than I realized.  I had all my boys with me & they were WOUND up the whole time.  Plus, I was a nervous wreck (Remember, I was obsessing over this piece for some reason).  Turns out the guy selling it is someone I graduated from high school with and haven't seen in 25 years.  Go figure!

We tied it down to the trailer, but because it was so long, I couldn't have the tail piece on the trailer.  We just tried to cinch the thing down with straps.  So, the whole ride home I was afraid the straps weren't tight enough and the thing would go flying off!

Nonetheless we made it home in one piece.

A Sneak Peek

Do you remember this....
 That wooden box of drawers was something I purchased at a flea market last summer.  It was a handmade piece that some fellow used to store nails (I know this because most of the drawers still had nails in them!).  I've been working on it slowly.  I will eventually probably sell it on Craigslist.  I think it would be perfect for a crafter or sewer to store supplies.  This thing is really bigger than you can tell here...It's about 2 1/2 feet long & 7 1/2 inches deep.  

My husband still needs to help me figure out a way to get a screw into a few drawers to attach the hardware.  The way those drawers are constructed I can't get a screw in by myself.  So, I'm waiting on his help for that, but he did make a drawer for me.  There was one missing when I bought it.  And, I have one last drawer on top to Modge Podge.    Almost done! 

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  1. I've been wanting to comment for days! I love the modge podge look and wish I lived near you so I could buy this piece!!!!!

    You are so talented. :)


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