Thursday, December 8, 2011

Procrastination Has It's Consequences

(Have you given your opinion yet?  I'll tally all responses I receive until the end of the day Friday, 12/8 - midnight)

I've been seriously considering doing the Jingle Bell Run (another 5K) this coming Sunday.  

I actually know a bunch of people who are going to participate.  

But, I kept hemming & hawing on the matter because  
1.  It's on a Sunday.  It's in the afternoon, but we'll be at church in the morning and Sunday afternoons are usually our rest, relax, and nap time.  
2.  I'm afraid it's gonna be really cold!
3.  I've still been running, but not with the frequency I was before my first 5K.  I'm worried I haven't kept myself physically prepared.

All that to say, today I finally decided, "OK.  I'm gonna do this!"  But, I went to the website and online registration is closed!  

I can still register the day of the event.  Soooo, what do you think?  Should this procrastinator take this as my opportunity to bag it & forget it?  Or should I do it anyway?  

I'm gonna give you guys the power here!  I'll tally your answers and the winning answer will stand.


  1. I am guessing that my response will be in the minority. Sunday's are pretty special here in our house. Pretty much nothing stands in the way of family / rest time. I would relax! It' gonna be a crazy 2 weeks.

  2. I would can it too, it is a fundraiser event and well I looked into it too and feel since it is a fundraiser vs. a fun run or other I will decline.
    Plus it is Sunday afternoon the best family time of the week at least in our house.

  3. I have to concur. If this is your special family time, I wouldn't sacrifice it, especially at this busy time of year. You can still go for a run, at home, and not miss too much. But I think it will be cold, too!
    This is Jill, I have no profile.

  4. hey there, karen -how the heck have you been?! thanks for stopping by today and omg, that's so funny that you're linking my post up with your FB page - 'keeping it real' can be very funny if you just step back to see the humor, huh?! i just got caught up over here - congrats on that 5K turkey trot run - i'm so impressed!!

  5. It looks like I'm in the minority, but I'll weigh in and say do it because of how you'll feel Sunday night. Sometimes looking at the after versus the before or during gives you the answer:-).

    For example, I never leave my parent's house after the holidays saying, "Boy! I wish I would have eaten more sweets." After you've run it, you're likely NOT going to say, "Boy! I wished I would have lounged around all afternoon instead." You know what I mean? :-)

  6. Go for it! I am so proud of you for the other 5k. I ran a Valentines race in 11 degrees! I literally had ice on my hat... I had sweat a lot and the sweat formed into ice by the end of it. No kidding. Running in the cold isn't bad at all, once you get started you warm up quick. Just make sure you buy/take some inexpensive gloves you can take off because your hands get really hot quick, some people just toss theirs on the road as they run. I usually hold mine, I don't run marathons so I don't mind holding them. I think you would be so glad you did it, even if you have to walk some of it.


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