Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cost of Groceries

Chatty Mommy has a post today in which she asked her readers if they'd share the price of some basic grocery items in our area.  She named her post I Want To Know What You're Paying.

I thought this was a fun idea.  I like the idea of comparing the price of things depending on the area you live in, where you shop, etc.  So, my post today will be 2 parts.  First I will answer Chatty Mommy's question about the price of certain items.  Then, since I actually made a grocery run this morning, I'll share my 'grocery cart' expenses with you.

Here goes....

Chatty Mommy asked how much we spend on each of these items....

*Note:  I do most of my shopping at a discount grocery store.  Often they have overstock items, some scratch & dent and outdated items too.

  • a gallon of regular gas - $3.33 gallon
  • a gallon of milk -  at the store 2% is $3.79, whole is $4.00.  We recently switched to raw milk, so I spend $4.00 a gallon where I buy it.  If I bought directly from the dairy it would be less.
  • a box of 4 sticks of butter- normally $2.49.   Today I got a deal at $1.79
  • a dozen eggs- We used to pay '0'.  But we recently got rid of our chickens.  They were getting old for layers (about 3 years old) & we didn't want to have to winterize for them.  We'll get a new batch of chicks in the spring.  At the store, large white were $2.09, large brown were $2.00.  We pay $2.00 at the farm where we've been getting eggs (pastured).
  • a loaf of bread- I usually get Maier's Italian day old bread for about $1.00.  Today I found Sara Lee Honey Wheat day old bread for 79 cents a loaf & Sara Lee Cinnamon Raisin day old for $1.29.    A regular loaf of Schmidt whole wheat bread was $2.49
  • a bunch of bananas - my discount store is usually around 49 cents a pound.  Walmart is usually around 59 cents a pound.  Today I hit the jackpot and got a case of finger bananas for $3.99
Now here's what I brought home today.....

  • Bag of home-made thin noodles -                       $2.79
  • Case single finger bananas -                                    3.99
  • Case Fit & Active yogurt (12 containers) -            2.99
  • Gallon distilled water -                                               .99
  • 2 Land o Lakes 4 stick butter packs -                    1.79 each
  • 8 oz. cheddar cheese                                                  1.39
  • 10 x sugar (1.89 pounds)                                           1.59
  • 2 avocados                                                                   2/1.00
  • 2 Sara Lee Honey Wheat loafs                                   .79 each
  • Sara Lee Cinnamon Raisin Bread                           1.29
  • Gold Medal Flour  (5.37 pounds)                            2.36
  • Rolled Oats  (3.62 pounds)                                       2.06
  • Brown Sugar (4.86 pounds)                                     4.33
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish                                           .99
  • White & Red Grapes ( 1.62 pounds)                        1.93
  • Hand Soap                                                                       .99
  • Pineapple                                                                          .99
  • Bosc Pears ( 3 lb. bag)                                                  2.99
  • 16 oz. Mozarella                                                             1.49
  • Sliced deli turkey (.48 pounds)                                  1.44
  • Whole cut chicken (4.79 pounds)                             6.64
  • bag arugula                                                                       .79
  • container of romaine                                                       .99  
My grand total today was $49.24             

So, now that Chatty Mommy got this started, I'd love to hear what prices are in your area.  You could answer in the comments or, if you write a blog post about it, be sure to send me the link.  Send one to Chatty Mommy too.  I know she'd love it!


  1. Wow! You get some really great deals! I think our prices are high because we live in the middle of nowhere and the transportation costs are high. The nearest WalMart is 60 miles away, and driving 120 miles round trip totally negates any savings at the check-out counter!

    Some staples at our local grocery store:
    2% milk - $4.49 per gallon
    1 lb. butter - on sale this week for $2.39 (usually over $4)
    a dozen large eggs - $1.69
    loaf of white bread - always on sale for $1.50
    loaf of whole wheat bread - $3.49
    bananas - on sale this week for $0.49/lb (usually $0.79/lb)

    I've toyed with the idea of doing some mail-order groceries to try to get better deals, and we do pick up some bulk items when we travel to bigger towns, but our local grocer is amazing -- friendly, generous and willing to special order anything, and I feel like in a town this small, I need to support the local businesses that would actually feel the pinch if several families shopped elsewhere.

  2. I did a post also. Here is the link...

  3. you did good our food cost has always been a hard struggle. And my boys they eat so much! I buy a lot at the mennonite markets too. Not cheaper though on most things. However spices are such great deals.

  4. Wow Karen you are so thrifty! I am impressed. I love this idea. I will say that I just bought a pound of butter for $4.09! It was organic and according to my organic guru MIchael Pollan (think I spelled it right) that is one of the things you must buy organic b/c the cows get the good food so the milk used to make the butter is better. I hate paying that much but I have heart flutters about my food since watching Food Inc and reading a bunch of stuff about it. Eggs are expensive here too- around 3 something a dozen, again, organic. We eat a lot of them so I feel like I should use them. Good for you for finding all those deals.

  5. I don't buy a lot of the regular staples any more {due to our plant based diet} but I know that the prices are a lot higher here than you have! I'd love bring home as many groceries as you did for 50$. I am now curious what my absolute bare necessities would cost and will calculate it when I go shopping later this week!

  6. (Gladly) stumbled here tonight via Thy Hand.... and am amazed you can buy so much for <$50!! My bill would probably be double. Cheese for $1.49 ?! And butter for $1.79 ?! If butter is on sale for $3 we're doing really well.
    Raising 4 boys you're probably glad to have good prices on food :-)


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