Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prayer Please

I don't often write about tragedies that have occurred in our area.  But, this one is heavy on my heart this morning.  Yesterday afternoon around 3:00 p.m  2 teenagers and a child were killed when their car lost control and crossed the center line into oncoming traffic.  (It was a rainy day)

All three of the children were siblings.  2 boys, twins - age 16 and a girl, age 9 died.

I can not imagine the anguish of this family right now.  They have 10 children total.  And, while I don't know them personally, Facebook is on fire right now with posts from people I know who DO know this family.

They're a godly, close knit family.  And, the mother spoke at our mom's group a couple years ago.  When I went to her facebook page, I thought she looked familiar and now I realize that's why.  But, I'm haunted by their family photo from Christmas last year.  All of their beautiful children are together and smiling.

I know there are many, many prayers being lifted up for them right now.  But, I wanted to send out a request for even more prayer covering over the Martin family in the midst of this terrible time.  Thanks.


  1. Absolute tragedy. Will certainly add them to my list.

  2. It is so hard to think of the lose of children for an unknown reason I was haunted today about the family in Perry County who lost 7? children in a fire last spring. The holidays much be so tramadic for all who have lost. I am thankful everyday I have all my kids.

  3. Oh that is terrible. I will say a prayer for the family.


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