Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Becoming Landlords - The Honeymoon is Over

Some of you might remember the series of posts I wrote several months back in which I talked about how my husband and I decided to purchase a rental property and become landlords.
The topics were...

On Becoming Landlords or How My Husband Talked Me Into Doing Something That Scares Me To Death - Part One

On Becoming Landlords - Part Two - Our Financial Background

On Becoming Landlords - Part Three - How Do We Do This?

On Becoming Landlords - Part Four - The End/The Beginning

Well, a couple weeks ago I listed a bunch of topics that I planned on writing about in the upcoming weeks. Among them was an update on our experiences as landlords...The Honeymoon is Over.

When I shared with my husband what I was planning to write he asked me not to. And, I can understand his thoughts on this. There are some details of our experience that are probably best kept to ourselves. But he was OK with me saying this much...

It's been a difficult, often frustrating learning experience for us. We are struggling to find long-term tenants for our one unit. My husband has put a lot of work into the property which makes it even more frustrating that we can't seem to find the right tenants.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who do not have the same sense of responsibility as most of us. We've given the benefit of the doubt many times over the last few months and have felt very taken advantage of.

That's the extent of what I'll share here. I will say that my husband is still very optimistic about this endeavor being a successful one for us. He even has been talking about finding a way to purchase another rental property. Oh boy!

Could you pray for us that we would find the right tenants for our property? We are taking applications right now from several people and we could really use the Lord's guidance in choosing who to rent to.

Thanks! Have a great day!


  1. I hope you guys find the perfect long term tenant...the right one will come along. Hopefully you do credit checks...I think that says a lot about someone's character. I would also think checking with previous residence references would give some peace of mind too. We were renters for many years...and always treated our place like it was our own. I can't understand why someone wouldn''s still the place you call home...whether you own or rent.

  2. Praying for you guys.
    I am with your husband- keep moving forward.
    It is what separates the people who work for others and the people who work for themselves. You both have been financially smart and I know you are praying.
    Many blessings.

  3. THIS is why I emailed you...well, one of the reasons...and my email is lost forever in cyberspace.

    We have a rental house. Really, In our back yard. Honest. Hubs would love another one in town and i am draaaaaaaaaaaging my feet.

    It's tough. TOUGH!!!! We haven't had NIGHTMARE's...but close. It's tough.

    BUT your husband loves you tons and loves the boys tons and he is only looking out for your best interest and to make the best he can for his family.

    There ARE good renters out there. There are. But it soooooo hard when you are lied to and taken advantage of and all that.

    I prayed HARD for renters and Jake and I have learned to trust our gut....not that we get it all right, but I literally pray for a gut ache now if it's a bad renter coming to look at our place! :)

    Hugs, dear. Be thankful they aren't in your back yard.

  4. You are in my prayers. It is amazing how everyone differs on the responsibilty meter. Praying for a good, responsible, long term tenant.

  5. My prayers are with you. It can be hard to discern a person's character from a resume and a short interview. God will guide and direct you through this process and I'm sure you will find the perfect tenant. It takes time but it will happen. Blessings in this journey.

  6. Oh wow.. what a hard endeaver . I agree with hubby too. Keep it up. As long as he stays positive and wants to continue then the biggest battle is won. Stay a united force, pray together and God will bless your decision. In the meantime I will pray for some super great tenants for you.



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