Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Love Story (condensed version)

Once upon a time there was a girl who believed wholeheartedly in fairy tales, but she didn't really believe in herself.

In her desperation to find true love she made a lot of mistakes.
Then, along came a prince who showed her what love really was.

Love that was unconditional & full of grace. Love that mirrored the love of our Savior.

And, even though the Prince rode in on a motorcycle instead of a horse, the girl realized THIS was a love to hold on to.

And, it turns out that 'happily ever after' takes work and sacrifice and sometimes there are tears. But, it is worth fighting for!


  1. oh, Karen, this is such a sweet Valentine's Day story! I love that your fairy tale came true, how blessed you are ...

    thanks for letting me know @ the thumbsucking dead-end you're in with your son - after exhausting ourselves with strategies, we've all but given up and assume that once the braces go on (around age 12-13) that'll be it. And in the meantime (3+ more years), it just is what it is ...

  2. Yes! There can be happily ever after...with work! I love your story here!

  3. So sweet and definitely hope you shared with your prince!

  4. What a great story! Very sweet.


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