Thursday, January 13, 2011

What to Write?

It's not so much that I have writer's block. I've actually got a bunch of topics jotted down that I want to write about in the coming days & weeks.

Would you like a peek? Here are my titles for upcoming post ideas....

Living On Less


Avoiding Public Temper Tantrums & Meltdowns

An Angry Mom

On Becoming Landlords - The Honeymoon's Over

Learning Contentment/ Being OK With My Small House

So I've got topics. I've even been mentally writing out some things I want to say in each of these posts.

I guess my problem right now is more that a) I just don't FEEL like writing. and
b) I don't really have the time. My little two just fell asleep for their afternoon naps right before 3 p.m. (The three year old fell asleep so late because he fought it and fought it. And, the baby is on nap 2 for the day. We're still trying to get him and his brother on the same schedule.) And, the big two will be home from school in about 45 minutes.

I really need to fold laundry, start dinner, sweep the floor, etc. etc. It's now or never. So, the writing will have to wait. I might tackle it tonight after the boys are in bed...if I can keep my eyes open. Otherwise, you all will just have to wait with bated breath.

In the meantime, won't you go check out yet another new blog a friend of mine has started? I know Kendra from my MOPS group and she is a coupon/savings genius. After being asked by others numerous times HOW she does it, she decided to start a blog to explain her techniques. If you have a chance, jump on over to her blog. And, I'm sure she'd be thrilled if you left her a comment so she's knows you stopped in for a visit.

Have a great day.


  1. Oh Karen...your life is the life of a mother with little ones...I can only say, it is such a precious time and it passes by so fast...enjoy!!!
    I love the new makes me smile...I have my first four pictured in rockers just like those years ago! Now don't I sound old?
    Well I maybe, but I am still mothering a five year old...your topics are great! Have fun writing when you have the time....blessings!!

  2. I agree with Janette ... your topics are great and I AM waiting with bated breathe. You are a great mom, too, Karen. You are real and human and I am thankful for your blog ... which, leads me to this ... did you know that the Relevant Conference is going to be local to us this year????? In October???? Wanna go? I am absolutely hoping to go and it would be so fun to meet you!!

  3. Love your new blog look! It's really sweet. I'm looking forward to your upcoming topics!

  4. I'm not feeling writey either (as you can tell) so I can't blame you. Can't wait to read those up coming posts though!!! Take your time and enjoy those little ones of yours!

  5. Stephanie, I didn't realize the Relevant Conference was going to be so close. But, I'd definitely be interested in attending. There was such a buzz about it last year. And, it would be so cool to meet you!
    I hope that you check back here because I tried to go to your blog to leave you a message, but it looks like your privacy settings have changed and I wasn't able to access it.
    Anyway, hope you are doing well!


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