Wednesday, February 9, 2011

View From My Kitchen Sink

Pam, from Views From My Kitchen Sink celebrated her blogging anniversary last week. She asked her readers if they'd share pictures of their own view from their kitchen sink. I'm late in doing this post. And, actually I hadn't originally planned in participating. But, I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's so much that I had to join in.

I wish I were talented at photography like it seems so many bloggers are. But, alas, I am not. The first 2 pics are taken from inside. We are slowly replacing the windows in our old home. But, the kitchen window is still orignal. I know it's dark, but if you look in the bottom right corner you might see the hand crank we use to open the window. Each side has one.

It also still has it's ancient mesh screen which is why it's so hard to actually see my view to the outside

So, I stepped outside on our deck to snap a better picture. I wish I could say that entire area is our backyard. Unfortunately our yard only goes to about where the swingset is. The rest is the farmer's field behind our house. So, even though we have a tiny yard, it feels large.

You'll note the sleds are still laying out there on the hill. You can't really tell in the picture but our backyard actually has a down slope.


  1. Oh, my. I know you've said there are a lot of things you want to "fix" in your house, but I would SO be willing to have lots of waiting fixes for that kind of fantastic view!! I can't even imagine how fantastic it must be in the other seasons, too!!

  2. I've thought it would be fun to do a picture from everyone's kitchen sink and from wherever their computer is where they blog too. Eeeek! What a grand idea!!!! :)

  3. Wow that took me off guard I got here and started seeing the view from my kitchen windows past and started! My kitchen sink now looks into the family no kitchen window, but I can see outside! I went back in time to the the ages of your kids and my kitchen window looked out into my garden...I have never had one that looked out to the backyard, always side yard...yours is just great!!! It is so kid friendly

    Yea! on your weight loss...I am right with you but I am toning up, so that is a major move forward.

  4. oh my goodness, karen, look at that gorgeous view!!!! I posted my view for Pam's blogiversary as well earlier this week - I can sympathize with you b/c my kitchen windows are also quite old - original to the house, which means 1951!! But oh to have that amazing view of that gorgeous countryside - I love it!!


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