Monday, December 13, 2010

Setting Goals

It's that time of year again when I'm thinking about what goals I'd like to set for the next year.  

There's a distinction for me between setting goals and 'New Year Resolutions'.

Resolutions tend to be very general.

Some I've made in the past include...

  • Be more patient
  • Be more organized
  • Lose weight
By the second week of January I'm usually completely frustrated with myself for being unable  to live up to my resolutions.

Goals are more specific.

So, last year I decided to set a specific goal for myself.  I decided that 2010 would be the year that I started a blog.  In part, I wanted to have something that I did apart from my roles as mother and wife...something that tapped into my interests.  And, I love to write.  You can read a little more about why I started a blog in my very first post.

Now I'm thinking about what goal I want to set for myself in 2011.  I'm not sure I've narrowed it down just yet.  But I'm curious.  What goals do you have?  I'd love to glean some ideas from you!

By the way, I came across this little gem & as far as resolutions go, I think it's pretty awesome...
image found here


  1. Oh enjoyed this...I have been thinking about this also...mainly because the first part of January I turn 50, so I enter a new decade and it really is doing a mind job on me. I am also seeing how God has worked in my life this past year and I am rejoicing that He worked in my life. This was my first year to blog...and I am just amazed at what He did through blogging.
    So, enjoy your goals...enjoy what God did in your life last year...and continue to enjoy your blogging!!

  2. Hi there, Karen - our goals for 2010 were the same! I have really enjoyed having that goal be realized, as I'm sure you are too ;-) I haven't given 2011 much thought just yet - I usually start to make my goals right around New Years Day and beyond - January is such a great time of year to reflect, it's like a big sigh of relief after the frenzy of the holidays!!


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