Monday, November 1, 2010

New Bookshelves!

Sometimes fun little finding the perfect pieces of furniture at a low cost!!!...can really make your day.

I've been keeping my eye out for bookshelves. I really wanted one for my living room and I also wanted one for upstairs in my boys room.

When I priced bookshelves on-line I was finding that I'd spend at least around $100 or more per bookshelf...and that was just for a standard, no frills shelf. The pieces I really liked were way more than that.

So, I waited. I figured maybe I'd find something at a yard sale. I was even planning on having to do a little DIY makeover if I found a piece that was nice but needed some TLC.

I've also been watching Craigslist. Mostly I've just been curious to see what people sell on Craigslist and how much they tend to ask for different pieces. I have a couple items myself that I thought about listing.

Of course, every now and then something caught my eye (like a beautiful black hutch a few weeks back), but things were either not the right price or size, etc.

Yesterday, just out of curiosity I checked out the furniture listings and found a pair of bookshelves for sale. They were asking $75 for the pair. They were white pine with a whitewashed finish & adjustable shelves. The taller one was 7 foot and the shorter one was about 6 foot. In other words, they were perfect...exactly what I pictured for our rooms!

I emailed the lister & agonized in suspense for several hours before I got a response. (I even e-mailed a second time just to be sure the first one went through. In retrospect that may have been a tad obsessive.)

I was first to respond!!! Yay! So, I arranged to go the listers house today to see the pieces. I was trying not to be overly excited, because sometimes it's hard to tell from a picture alone if it really looks the way you think it does. But, it did.

And, now I have two new bookshelves. They don't need any DIY makeover. And, I think the price was pretty awesome.

The tall one will live in our living room. I'll have to show an after photo once I get everything moved into place. You'll notice the huge amount of dust on the arm of our love seat. When moving furniture around to make space I unearthed a ton of dust & cobwebs.

I'm excited to clean out our corner cabinet (on the opposite corner of the living room) & use it as a display only for our china. It no longer has to double-duty as a bookshelf.

The shorter one is still on the porch. I need to make room upstairs for it. A couple of the shelves aren't in place yet. But, I' love that they are adjustable. I'm thinking I can use this for the boys books & organize their toys in baskets.


  1. I CANNOT believe what you paid for those! Good for YOU!! They are beautiful! Wow!

  2. I love the!! I would love to have them in my house and that is an awesome are a true Prov. 31 woman!

  3. Yeah ,I am so excited for you!They are beautiful,and what a wonderful price.You can never have too many bookshelves!Enjoy!Blessings,Marla Grace

  4. Wow! What AWESOME bookshelves! I love 'em! What a great find - enjoy!

  5. Oh, I ADORE bookcases! I love organizing their shelves. I love the look of books lined up neatly. Man. I can totally see why these made your day. Enjoy!

  6. Those look amazing!
    Can't wait to see how you finish them up.
    Lucky you!
    Enjoy the day


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