Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Highs and the Lows

Yesterday was a day with highs and lows.  You know the kind of day.  The kind where you feel like you are on a rollercoaster when you'd much rather be on a nice flat road.

Our day started LOW...

We all started the morning like grumpy, stompin', roarin' dinosaurs.  Myself included.  I am not a morning person.  It's hard for me to 'get in the groove'.  And, when my day begins with fighting, moaning, complaining, etc. it's hard not to let that set the tone.

But the big boys headed off to school & we got our day underway at home.  And, I found a little something in my wash basket...

That would be a HIGH point.  How can that not make you smile?

Then, a surprise!  And, another HIGH.  I heard the UPS guy on the front porch which I thought was strange because I hadn't ordered anything recently.  And, I found this...

Hmmm.  Why do I have a package from Gevalia?  Eons ago I had signed up with Gevalia because they had a super great introductory offer.  But, as I looked over their regular prices I realized their coffee is rather least for me.  So, I spaced shipments out as far as I could (every 6 months) with the intention of canceling.

I never did remember to cancel.  And, apparently, this would have been my 3rd shipment.  And, because it was my 3rd shipment they sent me a 'thank you' gift...

According to the shipping papers the coffee maker retails at around $100.  Free to me.  Now, I don't really need a $100 coffee maker, but if someone is going to give it to me, I'm not complaining.

Now wait Karen, you might be saying.  It sounds like your day got off to a rough start, but it things seemed to have picked up.  That should be enough to cheer you up.  You would think.  But, I'll tell you how it goes, I allowed myself to slowly slip into a lethargic, overwhelmed, self-pitying funk.

You see, I'm turning 40 next week.  And there are days that I feel like a big ole' blob.  (I never did lose those 40 lbs. I wanted to lose by the time I turned 40).  I feel old and tired.

Plus, parenting is a tough job!  Much harder than I ever thought in my younger years (read pre-child years).  I always knew I wanted to be a mom.  I always knew I was good with young children.  Those were the 2 areas I was absolutely confident in.  But, now that I AM a mom I find myself questioning myself at every turn.  I feel so .....inadequate.

Oh, and throw a little dose of guilt in there too.   I was feeling like life was so HARD.  But, if I think life is hard when our family is healthy, we have the love and support of family and friends, and we are well provided for, what would I do if something really HARD hit us?

So, all that to say, I had myself worked into a pretty good funk.  By the time it was the boys bedtime I was LOW, LOW and ready to check out for the night.  All I wanted was to veg on the couch in front of the tv and not have to think.

Hubby had other ideas.  He suggested we keep the tv off and actually talk.  At first I was reluctant.  Talking was the last thing I felt like doing.  I just wanted to shut off.  But, talk we did.  And, you know what?  It was good.  Really good.  We covered lots of topics.  And, I did share with my hubby how I'd been feeling all day.  We connected.  He prayed for me.  A peace came over me.

The day ended on a HIGH.

And today has started in peace.

May your day be one of peace as well!


  1. I know that "funk" kind of sneaks up on you doesn't it? How wonderful that your husband helped you talk and pray through it, what a blessing!
    Remember that even though you feel like you may not be succeeding at everything you want to, you are still an inspiration to all of us! : )

  2. Oh I just think you are the cutest Karen. You seem to be a wonderful person and having fun raising your little men. Fourty is not bad. Enjoy the wisdom of getting older. Keep smiling and have a wonderful day.

  3. I was grumpy in a funk and hubs wanted to chat and I might have rolled my eyes a bit and then ended up having a wonderful evening and so glad he was the smart one of us two! :) Make yourself some coffee, girlie! Forty is gonna be great!!! :)

  4. This mommy funk seems to be going around ;) I totally hear you on feeling "inadequate". So it doesn't get better by the time we're 40? bummer!! I'm so glad your hubby was there for you & praying for you.

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey...both the lows and the highs! And I'm so glad you ended your day with your husband and prayer :) You are so beautiful, inside and out, Karen. I love your comment, "I'm working toward becoming the woman, wife, and mother that God intends me to be". Keep focusing Up and I have a feeling your 40's are going to be fabulous and Fruit-filled! Wish I lived closer ~ I'd invite myself over to enjoy some of that good looking coffee!
    Blessings to you~
    Cindy :)

  6. I love the way your day ended.
    40 will be okay. You'll see. Embrace it. Yeah...that's it!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. I love your photos in this post, the dinosaurs, your boy in the hamper..made me smile, ah, life with boys! Awesome surprise you got, nice coffee maker, now that is nice to find on your porch!

    Enjoying your blog :)


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