Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays!

November is quite a month for birthdays! My sister-in-law celebrates her birthday on the 11th. Mine was on the 13th. And, my son Charlie's was today, the 15th.

As you might recall this was the big 4-0 for me. I keep trying to tell myself it's just a number, but this one was a little difficult for me. But, we had a fantastic weekend. My husband and I, along with friends of ours who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary went to Keuka Lake in the Fingerlakes Region in New York. We had a really lovely time...and I only had a small breakdown of tears at Saturday night dinner. Overall, 40 is not so bad.

And, today, our Charlie turned 3!

Charlie is one fun-loving, cuddly little man!

His face is almost always dirty, but his heart is always sweet. He's growing so very fast.

Happy Birthday Charlie! We love you!

p.s. - Stephanie at All Things Faithful is hosting a giveaway! She's featuring Ordinary Mommy, another talented crafter with an Etsy store. Go here to enter. But, hurry, because I think tonight is the last night. I believe she's announcing a winner on Tuesday.

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  1. Happy birthday to you, and your cute little one!

  2. Happy Birthday Karen! You look fabulous for 40!! And your little Charlie is a charmer! I hope you both had the best of birthdays!

  3. Well Happy Birthday to you!!! I hit 50 in January and it really is seeming like a big deal..LOL

    Our son and his wife have birthdays in November, so we have already starting celebrating.

    Have a wonderful Birthday...your three year old is just precious!!!

  4. Happy birthday to you and your family! Especially your little Charlie :)

  5. Happy Birthdays!!! You really do look great, I was surprised when I first read you were turning 40!

  6. Happy Birthday to you!
    And is "just a number"!! :)
    Enjoy the day

    Charlie is such a cutie

  7. Three is such a FUN age...maybe the most challenging but fun! And Happy Birthday to YOU! 40 is fun too! It's just a number...and we are so much smarter than we were in our 30's!


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