Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Q &A

Jen over at Jen's Ink Pen posed a group of questions and rather than tagging different people to answer them, left it openended.  Anyone who felt like answering them could.  I enjoy reading people's answers to these types of questions, so I thought that I would answer them myself.  Here goes...

1.  What was your favorite subject in schoool?
 Reading and English were definitely my favorite subjects.  I was always an avid reader.  I have very clear memories of coming home from school, grabbing a bowl of chocolate ice cream, and reading Beverly Cleary books (especially any of the Ramona series!)

2.  Do you prefer the Ocean or the Mountains? 
I am not much of an ocean girl.  It's Ok - but I'm kind of freaked out by not knowing or being able to see what's in the water, and I don't really enjoy baking in the sun.  But, give me cool, crisp mountain air, a sweater, and a campfire anyday.

3.  What is your birth order... or are you an only child, like me? 
I am the oldest of 3 girls (yup my parents had all girls and now I have all boys).  My sister closest in age is about 4 years younger than me.  My youngest sister is 12 years younger.

4.  What is your most productive time of the day?
Probably the morning.  Although I don't feel very productive lately at any time because my kiddos need me and when I get pulled away from a project it's hard for me to regain my motivation and focus.

5.  Describe the perfect Saturday.
Hmmm.  This would all be contingent on having childcare for the full day.  So, I guess it would start with Friday night and the children sleeping overnight at one of the grandparents.  Then I'd love to start the morning with a couple strong cups of coffee and swing by some yard sales early in the morning.  Maybe come home and complete a project or two around my house that never gets done.  Then, meet a friend for lunch and a trip to Barnes & Nobles or some other bookstore with a cafe (because again, coffee must be included).  Maybe go get my hair done since I pretty much never do that.  Come home to read for a bit and a short nap.  Then, get dressed up and go out with my hubby for dinner and a movie.

6.  Do you get the Flu vaccine?
No.  I don't get it for my children either.  I know everyone has differing opinions on this.  And, I'm not completely anti-vaccination.  I'm glad there is a vaccine for polio and other serious childhood illnesses (I'm iffy about the chicken pox vaccine).  But, for the flu, I think it's important for our bodies to be given the chance to build up immunity and allow it to fight things off like the flu on it's own.  Plus, I really do think that by making flu vaccines we could be creating a 'superbug', one that no vaccine could protect us from. 

7.  Is there anything that you really wish you could do?
I wish I could play an instrument.  I took piano lessons as a child, but never got very far with it.  I would really like to learn to play the guitar.

8.  If you could be a contestant/participant on any reality show, which would it be?
Oh boy, probably one of the Real Housewives of... series.  I would love to be the first real real housewife.

Now, if you'd like to participate, why don't you go ahead and take those same questions and answer them in your own post?  Leave me a comment letting me know that you're doing it so I can swing by your blog and read your answers.

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm the (way older!) oldest of three sisters too! Loved Beverly Cleary books...and your Saturday sounds perfect...minus the coffee for me though!

  2. I'll definately take the coffee! I love how you answered these. I'm with you on the flu vaccine. The mountains and ocean are almost a tie...the ocean just barely takes it though.
    I had some really great English teachers...but strangely, my favorite classes were in the area of Social law and economics.
    Have a great night!

  3. Love all your answers except for the housewives show- those women behave horribly. lol
    Thanks for the great idea- I blogged about this tonight. I wasn't sure what I would blog about and then saw your post.
    Thanks Karen.

  4. 1. I loved Math and Spanish and did well in those subjects.
    2. The Ocean by far, in any season. B)
    3. I am the oldest of 4 girls (my mom's twin sister has 4 girls too), and my husband is the oldest of 4 boys, for what that's worth.
    4. I used to be more of a morning person, but now I get more done in the evening, which is why you see me on FB way too late.
    5. My perfect Saturday - get up to watch the sun rise over the ocean, go back to bed til whenever. Then coffee and a leisurely breakfast, back to the beach for as long as I desire. A refreshing shower and some fresh seafood for dinner.
    6. No flu shots for me.
    7. I wish I could retire to the beach (but my sweeties are all here)
    8. I think I'll pass on the reality tv. :)

  5. It was fun getting to know you better! I'm doing it Barb-style:-)...

    1. Art
    2. Mountains- I, too, am a bit afraid of the ocean.
    3. I'm the oldest of 5.
    4. Morning, by far.
    5. Getting to sleep in and then spend the day with my husband- going for a hike and out to dinner. No cooking, cleaning or supervising children, please.
    6. We all get flu shots here.
    7. I would love to know how to play the harmonica and I wish I could exercise and enjoy it.
    8. The Amazing Race with my husband. I think it would be a blast.

  6. How fun...well I am the oldest of four, agree with no flu shots, early morning is my best time...I fall asleep from exhaustion by 10...

    Send me a picture of your dresser and I will send you suggestions...I love re-doing furniture and had my own interior design business for was at home with four running around!! I installed curtains while pregnant...I wish I had pictures of that now.


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