Monday, October 18, 2010

Choosing Joy

I've got a bunch on my mind.  And, I know I haven't posted in a while.  But, I've also got a bunch to get done during the boys' naps today.  So, I'll keep it short.  Nothing too profound, but here's my heart today:

I told my husband over the weekend that I am ready for a time when the words "tired, stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry" do not describe my general frame of mind.  And, I know it's a season of life, but even so I want these words: "joyful, thankful, at peace, content, enthusiastic, energetic" to be my descriptors.

I was struck with the thought that God is doing a work in me.  Instead of fighting against & feeling guilty for having the negative emotions, can I learn something through them?  And then the other thought was (as hard as it is), sometimes we can't wait for the positive emotions, sometimes we have to choose them.

Today I choose joy.



  1. A friend just shared a saying with us at Bible study the other night. She said, "Do the behavior and the feelings will catch up". I don't know, maybe making yourself smile more will bring about those feelings. I need to take my own advice! Hope you're getting a lot done during nap time:-).

  2. Sooooo needed to read that. Thank you!!!

  3. This was just perfect for me today. I am battling discouragment and frustration, as well...and truth be told, I battle them often. You are so not alone.

    I visited here:

    today and really enjoyed it. It was good for some laughs and encouragment. Her blog isn't usually the lighthearted type but it was really funny & cute today. I thought you might enjoy it like I did.

    Hope you get lots done at naptime, today!


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