Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feels Good

I had a boatload of things in bags & boxes that I  had collected during one of my de-cluttering frenzies.  (Don't be fooled - we still have a ton of clutter - my frenzies barely make a dent). 
I want this t-shirt!!  Image found here

 I had already taken these things to a friend's yard sale once and sold a few things, but brought the rest back thinking I'd have my own yard sale sometime this summer.

I didn't.

Those boxes and bags were a thorn in my side.  What to do with them?  Part of me thought that I could still make a little money from selling them.  But, the work involved in putting up a yard sale or listing stuff on Craigslist just didn't seem worth it.

I also thought about just lugging everything to the local Reuzit shop.   But, I know that they are short-handed and are overwhelmed with stuff to sort and that many times things end up in the trash there.

My husband offered to save me the time & energy and just take it to the dumpster at work.  I was horrified by this.  I can't just throw something away that could still be useful to someone somewhere.

So, I am very excited that a solution presented itself.  My second cousin works for an organization that serves adults with mental health/ mental retardation issues.  They are having a yard sale to benefit their organization.  And, the clients themselves will be taking responsiblity for sorting and pricing the items to be sold. 

My cousin was more than happy to take these items off my hands.  She even picked them up!  

And, I feel good.  I know that donating these items will definitely help a good cause.  I no longer have to stumble over the boxes and bags in my sunroom.  And, I have the peace of mind of not having to decide what to do with them.

Next, I have bags of magazines and books that I plan to donate to the library for their annual book sale.

What do you do with your overflow?  Sell it?  Donate it?  


  1. This is great...we are totally downsizing...and even though there has been some tears, I am starting to fill lighter. We sold some old gold jewelry today...sorry future grandkids, you won't be getting my old stuff. I have items listed in Craiglist..we will see. We are having a garage sale on Saturday morning....I am seeing that God can provide through some of the most mysterious ways...and some of that provision is right under my nose.
    Yea for you!!! Enjoy your clutter free dwelling!!!

  2. It amazes me how much we get rid of and yet we still seem to be surrounded by stuff! I figure if we keep on it every month we'll start to notice some change.
    I try to sell things first and usually manage at least one yard sale a year, but most of it gets donated because that's easier. We just donated most things to my friend's for medical bill fundraising and the rest goes to my friend's daycare or our elementary school. I feel much better about that!
    I love when a good cause seems to open up just as you have a bag ready.

  3. Yes I captured that butterfly with a point and shot was so beautiful.
    Yes you are in the season of raising small ones...I have been there and I am still four year old can ask more questions than anyone alive...right now it is "why?" on everything....enjoy they grow up really fast!!!!

  4. What a perfect solution to your dilemma!
    Don't you love it when that happens!
    We are big purgers in this house! If it's not
    useful or
    it's outta here!!:)
    You're on a roll now...keep it up!
    Enjoy the night Karen

  5. I send our things to the re-uzit shop---I am NOT a yard sale person whether it's buying or selling. It's too time consuming for me. I do like to "clean out" and will be going through closets next week to make the "weather change" in our clothing---and some will just go!! Do stay on a roll Karen, and you will continue to feel good about "cleaning out" and also giving away!


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