Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program...

Hey just taking a quick little break in my Landlord series....I'm gonna wrap things up this week with Part 4.  Then I'm done I promise.

Anyway, I wanted to encourage you to head on over to Chatty Mommy.  Somehow she always comes up with these really cool giveaways...I have to ask her sometime how she does that.  She has a giveaway going on right now from an Etsy store called Elephant Tales

They have some really cutey patootie things.  I think these personalized alphabet cubes (great for birth announcements or as a gift) are my favorite.

Her giveaway runs until go check it out.

Also, I just had to share with you what happens when I leave my husband alone with our boys...

 Is that...are they....?

Why yes.  They are on the barn roof.

The only reason the baby wasn't up there too is that I was feeding him.  They went up to check on the apples from our apple tree (you can see it hanging over the roof).  But, they found that they weren't ready yet.  And, yeah, the barn really is that ramshackle.  

Can I just say that sometimes my husband makes me very nervous?


  1. Oh my goodness!!!
    Yeah, that would make me a tad nervous too!!!
    Enjoy the day and keep those kids feet on the ground!!:)

  2. Oh my heavens! Your husband looks much too calm up there on the roof with the boys! They all look like they've done this before!

  3. I won't be showing this post to my husband...I don't want him getting any ideas! lol

  4. Oh my, what a guy thing....and what a gal reaction!! I think I held my boys back sometimes out of my own fears and they missed "experiences" normal to the male gender!!!!

  5. That picture scares me to death!


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