Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do I Really Mean It?

Every night as I pray with my boys before their bedtime, I always end the prayer with these words....

"And most of all Lord, I pray that these boys grow into strong men of who love You and honor You and serve You all the days of their life."

It is the prayer of my heart.  My boys have heard me pray it over them so often that if I change the wording, they correct me.

But, today I was challenged.  And, I questioned myself, "Do I really mean it?"  
Of course I do!,  I answered myself back.
But, what if I knew that in the act of service to God, a sacrifice was required of my child?  Would I still mean it?

I found myself asking these questions after watching a video that an old high school friend posted on Facebook.  It was a tribute to Brian Carderelli, 25, who was among those in a medical relief group gunned down on Aug. 5  in Afghanistan.  Brian would have been her cousin's son, so for her family this tragedy struck close to home. 

I did not know this young man, but as I watch this video remembering his life, I see qualities that I hope to see in my own sons as they enter manhood.  I see the type of man I would love for them to become. 

It seems he lived so much more in his few short years than many people live in a lifetime.

And, he loved Jesus.  

The video is a beautiful tribute to his life.  And, his life was a beatiful tribute to the Lord.


  1. Oh my I am so sorry to hear that. What a wonderful video.

  2. It is so scary to think what future our kids will have. But God will be with them and it sounds like they are growing up with strong, Godly, faith-filled parents. You are giving them a strong foundation.

    It is food for thought, though. My youngest is a senior this year. Soon to be on his own, making decisions... and the prayers increase:)

  3. I loved reading this post! Thanks for sharing :)


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