Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beach 2010

We returned Monday night from a lovely extended weekend trip to the beach with friends of ours.  We were blessed to stay in a beautiful home in the private community of Prime Hook, Delaware.  The family we went with has family friends who own the house.  

The community is beyond a marshland nature preserve.  It consists of one road that runs about 2 miles.  And, there are houses on each side of the road.  One side is beachfront.  One faces the marshes.  That's it.  No stores, no hotels, no gas stations.  Only privately owned homes and one access road.

Our house faced the marshes.  This was the view from the balcony off our bedroom.

Because it's such a small community, there is almost no traffic and the beaches  are wide open.  Our first day there, we saw 2 other people in the 2 hours that we were at the beach.

The family we went with has 3 children - 2 girls and a boy.  Here's Thomas and Aurora.  Madeline will be in another picture further down in the post.

I'm usually not much of a beach girl...mainly because I don't do well in crowds.  But this I could get used to.   Standing on the beach looking to the left....

and to the right...

Here's Madeline helping out with Joseph.  She has quite the nurturing instinct and did so well with the baby.

My darling husband helped out quite a bit with the cooking.  As a matter of fact, one evening he and Mr. Matt handled the cooking AND corralled the children while Callie and I relaxed on the back deck.  

What in the world can that be?  What?  Where?

Quiet streets...

We took one day and went to the air museum in Dover.  

My husband had studied aviation mechanics and is something of an aeronautics buff.  He was quite the tour guide.

Here's a little tidbit of info for you all.  I'm quite the vintage gal.  At least I really used to be.  I used to swing dance, wear 40's/ 50's vintage clothes, collect vintage housewares.  Even though I don't do those things anymore...I still dig anything from the WWII era.

Planes, planes, planes.

Family photo attempt.  Please note Edison leaning against the copter sucking his thumb.

Mommy and boys photo attempt.  Please note Edison in the distant right.  (Yes.  My legs are really that white.)

Overall it was a wonderful time for our two families to be together playing and relaxing.

Going home...
Children sleep.

Husbands get grumpy driving behind slow moving trucks in stop & go traffic through towns with no bypass that are known for growing mushrooms (and you know what mushrooms grow in....soooo there's an odor).

And mommies get bored and find ways to entertain themselves.  Can you identify which picture goes with which emotion? (perplexed, excited, bored, sleepy, upset, surprised)

By the way, seeing as how I put some highly unflattering shots of myself on here for your amusement, I think this week everyone should post at least one unflattering picture of themselves on their blog.  I'm just sayin'.


  1. Wow, great pix, great view, great vacation spot!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. That looks like it was a lovely trip! I've never been to a beach but someday.... I am still laughing from the "guess the expression" game. Glad y'all had fun!

  3. This is awesome...that is just wonderful...what wonderful, life long memories! How peaceful.
    Love the lets see an unflattering shot of me...well I am 49 I think that says it all...and still working on getting rid of pregnancy weight...when will that excuse be too old?

  4. Looks like a great vacation. I love your pictures. But I do not appreciate being asked to post mine- lol
    One day- one day......

  5. Looks like a fun vacation Karen! I would have had a hard time leaving that awesome deck outside the bedroom! I think I can take that challenge and post an unflattering picture...I got a couple while on vacation! I never like my pictures anyway!

  6. I had seen a comment you had left on our mutual friend, Sally Krueger's Event page on Facebook, and I thought I'd meander over to your blog for a little bit...and I'm so glad I did!

    Your many men are quite handsome, and from the look of it, our husbands have some similar interests (aviation, fishing) and have the same hard work ethic (as I type, my dear husband is having 2 of our sons helping him work outside). I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and look forward to dropping by again! (And just to let you know, I believe it was last month that I put a picture of myself FIRST THING IN THE MORNING on my blog, in the spirit it keeping it real!!! Way to go!) ;)


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