Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear Vera Catherine....A Letter From 1946

I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I love auctions so much is that you never know what you'll find.  And, sometimes you get a snapshot of a time in history and the lives of the people who lived in that time.  Today I bought a box lot of vintage paper goods.  In that box was a typed letter from 1946.  It appears to be a friend writing a friend in another part of the country.  I love that you can see glimpses of what it was like to live in that time, but that you can also see similarities to how we all think and feel no matter what time we live in.

Dear Vera Catherine,

I was sitting here letting my thoughts roam and I suddenly remembered I haen't heard from you for some time.  I can't remember if I owed you a letter or not but since I have some extra time I thought I would write you.

Well, Les, two more days and my career as a stenographer is over.  Then I shall become a housewife.  I believe it will take me much longer to become a good housewife than it did to become a steno.  I am looking forward to it very much tho and have a million and one things planned to do.  I have started some embroidery work that I want to finish and also start a layette for the baby.

Guess I told you that David and I shall be parents sometime in November.  We are quite thrilled abou the whole things and only wish tomorrow was November.  The poor baby doesn't know what a future it has ahead having me for a mother.  It scares me just to think of it.  Guess I'll have to get over that right quick, don't you think?  I want a boy, naturally, and David wants a girl.  We haven't thought too much about names but I have picked David Lowell for a boy and Ann Elaine for a girl.

Esther keeps me informed about Cheryl Kay and I never heard anyone talk so proudly of their baby as they do.  Am so glad all is going well with them.  Martha wrote and told me all about her little girl too.  I'm glad it was a girl as that makes her a nice family now.

As yet we are still sharing an apartment but hope to have something soon.  I would like to get a place and get settled before the time comes when I can't do much.  We may hear something yet this week on the apt. downstairs.  The elderly couple living there now have inherited a home and as soon as they can get into it we have their apt.  They had to serve a 9 mos. notice to the people intheir house and that will be up by the end of Sept.  They offered them a $100 bonus to move sooner.  But even a hundred dollars doesn't help find a place to live now.  We are fortunate to have such a nice place to share.

The weather here has been quite hot but I don't think I will mind it much when I stay home and can dress accordingly.  Now I have to wear hose and all that goes with it.  The nights are rather cool and we have two windows in our room which is a great help.

David has been doing some painting in the apt. for Kay and it sure looks good.  He repainted the kitchen table white and we put Mexican decals on the corners and now he is going to paint all the cupboards and woodwork and we will decorate the rest of the kitchen.  I like it so well I want him to get me a table to paint for my kitchen then we are going to buy chrome chairs to go with it.  We have a lot of ideas if we ever get a place to put them to work.  I am getting a blond oak dinette set which is the same wood as my bedroom and then we are getting two small corner cupboards for the one end of the room which he will paint white and my buffet will be a small chest of drawers with extension shelves on either side also painted white.  I'm getting my sister's portable sewing machine and shall attempt to cover the dinette chairs and make draperies out of the same material.  Sounds like a lot of work but we are anxious to get started.

I just finished a short letter to Louise Sembower.  It was a 'must' as they sent me an Easter greeting and I never acknoweldged it.  I don't know what to write to her but after she had the shower and all for me I almost had to do it.  I just wonder if they found a place to live yet by themselves.

It seems like I have been doing a lot of talking about us but am interested in what you are doing now.  I hope you are taking it easy since school closed.  What are you going tot do for a vacation?  David and I spent 4 days in Texas visiting some friends we met at Camp and sure had a grand time but it was far too short a time.  We went over Decoration Day and the weekend.  Had pullman both ways which was the only way the doctor would let me travel.  We won't get home this fall as we had once planned but will have something nice to bring with us next spring.  I don't know if any of our families will get to come out or not.  David's mother and dad would rather wait until we get a place of our own so they can make a real visit and in a way that would suit me better also.  Mother would like to be with me before and after the baby comes but I don't know if she can make it or not.  David's sister will be in school and she will almost have to be there.  I'm really not worried about it at all right now but suppose I will be when the time comes.

Irene and Hilton, this one couple that we go with a lot, have found and apt. and so Irene is quitting her job also.  We plan on seeing a lot of each other as our apartments are within walking distance.  They are almost as thrilled about the baby as we are.  Then David works with a nice fellow his age and he and his wife have been up to the apt.  She doesn't work either and expects to spend a lot of time at our apts as she has only a sleeeping room to stay in.  I want to have the four of them in for dinner some evening when I quit work.

On June 16th David and I joined the First Presbyterian Church here in K.C.  We like the church very much and it is quite active.  Our Sunday School class is a mixed group of people our age and we had a picnic last night and 39 turned out.  David and I and Irene and Hilton are in charge of the August social for our class.  The young people also have a bowling league of 6 teams and David bowls with them.  I was going but then had to drop out.  Our minister is a very good bowler.

I quit at 3:00 today and am going home and do my ironing.  It makes me feel good to think this is the last week I'll have to go home and do the ironing after work.

Write when you can and let me know how things are with you.


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