Monday, March 26, 2012

Today's Facebook Posts

I feel  like I've been neglecting my blog of late.  It seems like such a huge task sometimes to sit down and write a well thought out piece.  And, I often experience writer's block.  What topic would really work well as a blog post?

Yet I'm constantly posting things on Facebook.  It's easy there.  Quick little blurbs that are at the front of my mind.  And, I'm embarrassed to admit that I post there multiple times a day.  

So today I thought I'd give you a sampling of what a typical day on Facebook looks like for me.  Here are my Facebook posts (thus far) from today....

Woke up late & wasn't really awake as the boys got ready for school this morning. It wasn't until we were standing outside waiting for the bus that Wyatt pointed out that Edison was wearing the same dirt & ketchup covered pants he had on yesterday. If it had just been a mark or 2 I would've let it go, but they were filthy! We ran inside quickly to change his pants, with a minute to spare before the bus came. My question of the day: Why do boys seem to have an aversion to wearing clean clothes??

I know the Hunger Games series & the movie are all the rage right now. And, I'm probably the only person who hasn't read the books or seen the movie. But, something about the whole storyline & concept really disturbed me anyway. I was pretty sure it wasn't something I could watch and not come away from upset. One of the bloggers I read (who did let her children read the series & took two of her older children to see it) wrote a post today about her true feelings on this movie after seeing it & why she decided to break her promise to her 11 year old daughter to take her to see it. A must read for any parent who's considering taking their kids....

Ok - I give in. I'm gonna go start a fire. It's so chilly! And, it looks like the temps are about as warm as they're getting today & tonight will be below freezing.

I'm so perplexed by craigslist postings where people say something is new (purchased less than a year ago, sometimes only a couple months ago) or never used, but they are selling because they changed their minds, are changing their decor, etc. Do people really have money to throw around like that?

So there  you have it.  A sampling of what you are missing if you don't see my Facebook page.  And, a sampling of what's on my mind today.

Have a great Monday.


  1. Hey Karen! Thanks for sharing :) I am going to go check out the post about that movie (nope I haven't jumped on that wagon either lol)
    Have a great week!!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out today. I think Lily has gotten over the whole "not seeing the movie" thing. We'll see when she gets home from school and even more kids are talking about it.

  3. Thanks for sharing! We're still burning a fire in our wood-stove. Although,'s feeling too hot to have one.

  4. I'm so happy to read that. I feel like the only person I know who has no desire to read the books or see the movies. I almost read The Hunger Games and then talked with a literary friend who had read them and talked me out of it. I really like dystopian novels that make me really think. She described the books as an adrenaline rush with some thought provoking moments, the equivalent of eating a banana split for some potassium.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for making me feel less alone :)

  5. Fun post...laughing at the dirty shirt...oh tooooooooo familiar here and believe it or not you will miss that one day!!!

    Hunger Game...well it was a school assignment for my sixteen year old...I haven't read it, but my friends have and loved it and loved the movie...I am just not a big fiction reader, but I will see the film so I can relate to my son.

    Craig's list...I have the same feeling...really...I can't imagine replacing things as often as most people do...but I am watching my son and wife do it all the time...two years and out of the house it goes...comforter, well I keep my bedding for a decade, they have had three sets in six different from my life always your blog allows me to glance back while still raising one little one in the process

  6. I'm smiling about the dirty clothes. I'm fairly certain my son would love to live in the same outfit 24/7 and never bathe. I am the mean momma who makes him stay clean and only wear his favorite Thomas shirt when clean.

    I read the Hunger Games. The whole series was done in three days for me. I found it interesting but not overly deep. It provokes thought. I didn't read it for a long time as I thought it would upset me but a minister friend of mine convinced me to read it as she said it helped her relate to her 'kids' so I gave in and then needed to know what happened. I'm a little tired as there were two very late nights in there! There were parts that greatly disturbed me and I am not sure how I feel about seeing it on the screen but I don't think you're missing anything by not reading it.

    The Craig's List thing baffles me. I wonder about that too.


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