Friday, March 9, 2012

My Son Has a Dream

Wyatt, my 8 year old, said to me this evening, "Mom.  You know what I'm gonna do when I'm old enough to buy my own food & live in my own house?"

"What are you going to do?"  I asked.

"I'm gonna buy pickles in pickle jars & I'm gonna sit in front of the tv & watch it while eating pickles out of the jar.   That's what I'm gonna do."

My son has a dream.


  1. Oh I love this...mine talks about when he has his own house and then he will say, "oh well, maybe I will just live with you." The other day in the grocery store he looked up and said, "when you are old (glad he doesn't think I am yet) I will come visit you once a week and when you need groceries I will go to the grocery store for you!" I was laughing realizing how "old" I would be when he could do that for me and that I might need him to!!!

    Enjoy those boys!!

  2. Well, at least he knows what he likes. And his grocery shopping will be easy!

  3. hehe to cute!

    My 7 year old that is in a private school arguable getting the best k-8 education in the county wants to work at.... McDonalds. got to love our little ones and there dreams or dream jobs.


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