Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today my oldest two boys are home from school. It's a snow day! They've been outside to play. They've helped me clean up the living room. They've watched a little TV and played a little on the DS. I've already told them we are not going to turn on the Wii.

All this electronic stuff makes me nutty. What about reading? What about playing a game? What about doing a puzzle? Their response is Boring. Boring. Boring. I'm a firm believer that there's nothing wrong with being bored. It fosters creativity, right? Absolutely. But, I may be driven crazy first.

So my dear sister-in-law saved the day. She lives right next door and she has the day off work. Just after I got the little two down for a nap, I was carrying laundry downstairs and trying to decide what quiet activity I could help get my oldest two interested in. And my sister-in-law had just come in my side door. Could she take the big two with her to run to the music store? "YES!" I didn't need to think twice.

Now, I've got a quiet house and a gazillion things that I should be getting done, but I just had to drop by here first. Writing on my blog and reading your blogs helps me to maintain my sanity. Really. There's value in that, right?

I really can't stay on here long. But, before I go I thought I'd share a story of something that happened to me last night. A story that gives further proof that I'm such a goof sometimes.

The phone rang after dinner. It was some weird, out of area number with a 911 area code. Usually, I don't bother picking up if I think it might be a telemarketer or I don't recognize the number. But, for some reason I picked up last night.

When I answered I heard what sounded like a pre-recorded message in a foreign language. Russian? German? Slavic? I'm not sure. I found it to be so odd that I was curious what would happen if I called the number back.

I hit redial. Apparently in the redialing process the phone didn't go any further than the first three numbers...911. Because the next thing I heard was "________ County 911. What's your emergency?"
image found here
Here's the goofball part. I was so taken aback and flustered when this happened that I stammered and stuttered over my words and was completely unable to form a coherent sentence. I think I said, "I'm sorry. I got the wrong address." And, then I hung up!

I told my husband what happened and he was like, 'You just hung up?!' Apparently I should have waited for their response. Fortunately no emergency vehicles showed up last night. And, 911 didn't call us back to yell at us. And, I'm hoping we don't get a fine or a citation in the mail.

But, now I'm sure they have a special notation for our number....'the house of the cuckoo lady.'


  1. I am laughing so hard. Funny. Hope you enjoyed that free time. I agree, too many electronics make for grumpy kids... it fries their brains, I swear.

  2. Your so funny. Hope you enjoyed your quite

  3. Too funny. Sounds like a crazy day. I hope you enjoyed some time together and things settled down a bit.

  4. Oh we have had the 911 dialed by children...and even through a cell phone...and yes, they showed up at the house...while I had a dinner party for over 12 people!!! Too funny.
    I totally get the electronic thing...I didn't deal with it with my first four as much as I have with the last two...and yes, boring is good, but like you said it usually means mother has to survive hear you on that.

  5. You make me laugh!I had the same conversation today with my Children.My oldest said the same....boring!Ugghhh....

  6. We are one week tomorrow with no games (Wi, DS and computer) I was tired of my son not wanting to do anything else...not engaging with us...along with a bad attitude. This week has gone better than I ever thought...even with two snow days! We'll see how Feb. goes! He's without his games until March 1st.


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