Monday, January 19, 2015

I Guess I'll Give My Downton Thoughts

If you haven't ever checked out the blog, Testosterhome, be sure to do so.  I love reading her blog because, like me, she's got a passel of boys.  But, she also gives a Downton rundown each week.  You can see her post for this week's show here.  I find myself anxiously awaiting her take on the week's show.  And, inevitably I share some of my own thoughts in her comments section.

So I thought I'd compile all the thoughts I left as comments & post them here as my own little Downton review.....

I loved when Mrs. Hughes mentioned that the visiting Russians were getting very emotional while viewing the artifacts. Definitely a profound contrast to the usual display (or lack thereof) of emotions in Downton.

Poor Mr. Gillingham! I didn’t particularly care for his character to start with. Any romance between him and Mary didn’t seem believable. But, I honestly thought HE was the one who’d end up doing the dumping & not the other way around.  Technically Mary hasn't done the dumping YET, but it sure seems to headed that direction.  That was an interesting little twist they threw in there.  And when Gillingham stopped in unexpectedly to see her back at Downton?  Awkward!

Edith's story is just awkward to watch.  It's painful really.

What’s going to happen with Thomas? It seems like something more is going on than him going to visit his supposedly dying father, only for his father to take a turn for the better & Thomas deciding to take a week’s vacation. Something’s a brewing I tell you.
And, I’m SO glad Baxter finally came clean with the rest of her story to Cora. Now, will she also share the rest with Mosley? And, what was happening in that preview for next week with Baxter & Mosley. There seemed to be some sort of mental breakdown happening.
Oh & WHAT in the world with that schoolteacher lady???? Forgetting her name at the moment. Good golly. She keeps showing up & saying something inappropriate every single time! She made an elderly Russian man cry for crying out loud. You could at least see Rose hesitating before inviting her this time. She seemed to feel obligated to do so.

But, Cora’s ability to diffuse an explosive situation is exceptional. I’ve often thought Cora to be a bit dimwitted. But, I will say this about her. I think she is genuine. And, she is talented at making the best of awful situations. And, I’m starting to wonder if she’s not as dimwitted as I first thought.
And finally, what about a romance between Lady Mary & Tom.  Now THAT would spice up the storyline!  Hmmm?

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