Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Issues

So last weekend a group of us girlfriends gathered at my friend Sarah's house to celebrate her birthday with her.  We decided to do a potluck feast with a Mexican theme.  (And it was delicious!). Sarah is a single mom to 2 boys ages 14 and 21, who were there that evening but pretty much stayed in their rooms with their friends.  

As we were setting out the food Sarah mentioned that her youngest son told her the other day that all of her friends 'have issues'.  Well!  That got our attention.  We all wanted to know what this teenage boy had identified as issues in our lives.

Apparently for me, the first thing he told his mom is that I 'have too many kids'.  That one just made me chuckle.  Sarah said that when he said that she told him that's not an 'issue'.  

"Well. And she's too religious", he responded.

Now, when she told me that one I admit I was a little taken aback.  Too religious?  I wasn't sure whether I should be pleased or disturbed by this assessment.  On the one hand, it could simply mean that my faith is evident.  On the other, it could mean that I come across as rigid & legalistic in my faith.

It all comes back to the question I've been asking myself about 'How do people perceive me?  And, does it matter?'  Now, while I certainly take the opinions of a teenage boy with a grain of salt, it has at least raised some awareness in my mind and heart.  I absolutely want the love of Jesus to show through in my life.  And, I am not ashamed for others to know that I love Jesus.

But I DO want to be sure that it's love they are seeing and not religiosity.  So, have  you ever been accused of being 'too religious' by anyone around you?  How did you respond?


  1. I was really worried when I saw this title.
    Now I am not.
    I have found that certain people call me religious simply because I go to church on a regular basis.
    So, like you said he would need to expand on that.
    If someone has something legitimate to say about me, I am willing to listen.
    I think you are great and I love that you have "issues" for having too many kids.
    Imagine what the 14 year old thinks about the Duggars! lol

  2. wow, i guess i haven't been over in a while, look at all these fabulous changes! LOVE the new header (a lot!!) and the new photos along the sidebar - it looks great over here!!

    speaking on this post, i find you to be exactly who you hope to be perceived as: your faith is evident and definitely shows through in the joys of your life ... but I would never ever think of you as rigid!! please don't let the words of a 14 year old make you paranoid, you're fabulous!!

  3. I have had this happen to me. Always good to step back and assess.

    Too many boys for sure!!!! ;)


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