Thursday, June 9, 2011

What A Man!

I only talk about my husband occassionally on my blog.  Mainly because he's a private kind of guy & most things he'd rather just keep between us.  But, every now and then I've got to brag on him because he is a great man!

Earlier this week my husband had finished cutting up a tree that someone offered to him from their property.  Then he brought the large chunks home to split.  He recently bought a used wood splitter and fixed it up to use here at home.  So, he started out using the splitter, but about halfway through the load it blew a hose.

Now most people (myself included) would say 'Well.  Let's just call it a day then.'  Now understand that he had just finished working about 10 hours at his job in the heat (he works for a family business that builds industrial engines & generators).  Then he cut the tree & hauled it home.  Then he split half the wood.  Seems like a full day, right?

Nope.  My husband is of the mentality, 'If there's work to be done & there's still sunlight to do it, let's get it done'.   He told Wyatt, our oldest boy, to run to the basement and get the splitting maul.  He was going to finish the job by hand.

I will admit sometimes his work ethic makes me a little nutty.  I can't keep up with him!  He is so motivated & driven...two character traits I can't say I have.  But, when it comes down to it I really am proud of him.  What a man!


  1. Awww. What a blessing! I have a man with good work ethic too. I also can't keep up with his profectionism. He requires so much of himself. (giggle)

    I hope your hubby isn't sore in the morning by finishing it up by hand. Bless his heart if he is.

  2. Oh you are so lucky! I'll bet he is glad to know he is appreciated. My hubby and I are really different too but somehow it works. I get a little scared when my hubby brings out big tools like axes, he is totally capable but I always worry something awful will happen.

  3. You are truly blessed. I thank God everyday for my hard working man.


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