Monday, June 27, 2011

What He Wrote

This afternoon I was sorting through some remaining piles of school papers for the boys & was choosing a few pieces to save.  As I was reading through Wyatt's writing journal for this year I came across a few little gems I thought I'd share here.

(In response to the question 'What do you think about doing chores?')
"I get about 20 chores a day.  And my brothers get about 5.  My parents talk to me but it still doesn't make sense."

(For Martin Luther King Day)
"I have a dream.... that people will land on a new planet."

(In response to what he did over the weekend)
"All I did was clean.  It was boring.  But I made money."

(In response to the question "Which was your favorite birthday?")
"My favorite birthday was my 1st.  Because I got to poke the cake.  And stick my face in the cake.  And smash the cake."

And, on that note, Happy 8th Birthday Wyatt!  (Sunday was the big day.)

Great picture, huh?


  1. I love it!
    Cracking up!
    happy Birthday Wyatt!
    Hope your birthday was fun and not "boring".

  2. Oh the injustice of chore time. . .I hear that alot around here too!

    Love this. . .hope he had a great day!

  3. LOL! I agree, cute pic. Funny that he found some positive in having to clean, use that for bribery next time.

  4. I laughed out loud at these, Karen. So precious!

  5. writing journals are my favorite part of teaching - I never know what my kids are going to say!


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