Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fifty five million

Fifty five million.  Fifty five million men, women, and children who should be here..standing beside us, a part of our lives. Sometimes maybe you can sense what could have been, what should have a whisper, in shadow & light, in a thought much like a memory.

Fifty five million people who WERE and then were not.  Can you feel them?  They should be here now.  They would be our brothers & sisters, our aunts & uncles, our friends, our colleagues, our spouses.  Today some of them would be fathers & mothers themselves.  They would be connected to us, an intricate part of our lives.  If you've ever felt that something was missing..someone was's because they are.  Fifty five million people are missing.

Entire generations, entire futures eliminated, erased.

Each life is unique.  We know this.  This is scientific fact.  The genetic code in each and every person is unique to that person.  There never was and never will be another person like the person introduced at the time of conception.

So how many unique opportunities, talents, skills have been discarded along with fifty five million people?  Countless.  Where would we be today with them beside us?  We will never know.

We can't get back what has been lost. But we can take a stand. And we can offer HOPE to the women who face what others tell them are impossible circumstances. We can offer SUPPORT to those who choose going beyond just the birth of their child and speak life into their lives.. We can offer HEALING to those who made a different choice. We can offer LOVE to those around us. And we can speak up for LIFE.

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