Monday, June 18, 2012

Operation House Facelift

After 10 years of marriage & 4 children, we are finally working on the outside of our house.  Our house looks like brick, but it's actually shingle...and it's old shingle that's been peeling & coming off more & more every time we get a stiff breeze.

We are wrapping the outside in insulation, getting new soffit, facia, and  downspouting, replacing the downstairs windows (the upstairs was done a few years ago), & putting new siding on the house. 

The first step begins today...removing the shingles!

My advice to young couples...
-Be patient
-Don't expect immediate perfection
-Save your money
-Do it debt free


  1. I had no idea they made shingles that looked like bricks! How very cool and hope the project goes smoothly!!

  2. Wow! Your shingles really do look like bricks. That's amazing and totally unexpected. I've never seen that before. I hope the project runs on schedule and you're not tearing your hair out by the end of the week. I agree with your advice, saving money and doing things debt free is more often than not the best way if it's possible!

    Good luck!

  3. Exciting! Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  4. I also didn't know they made those. Very neat! It looks like you have some great helpers!

  5. No way...looks just like brick. I know you are excited to get the work done. Looking forward to the after pics!

  6. I never would have guessed that was shingle. Wow. Lucky you.

    We're starting our big adventure on Sunday, ending up in Spring Hill, PA. That anywhere close to you? As far as I can tell from the map, it's closest to Johnstown, PA. Let me know.

  7. So happy for you! Although it's bittersweet since the house will look less like "Mom and Dad's house". But that's ok cause you deserve the improvements!!
    Hope you found the lettuce before it wilted too much!

  8. I love the last part you've stated in your post. Young couples should be aware of other wealth management techniques. And truly being debt-free is a nice feeling.

  9. Made of shingles!? So crazy! I would have never guessed that! Doing work on the outside of your house can be so much work, but it is so crazy wonderful how awesome you feel when you look and see it is done and looks the way you finally want it! Good luck!!

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