Friday, April 26, 2013

A Bit Humbled

So, today has not been my favorite day.  First, I thought today was my mom's group meeting.  I got to the church & the parking lot was empty.  I apparently had my weeks mixed up.  I've been pretty scatterbrained lately so it's not a huge shock that I goofed.  I took advantage of the situation & checked out a few yard sales on the way home.

I still had to meet some folks about 20 minutes from my house around lunchtime with some furniture they were buying from me.  I had planned the meetup for today because I was going to be about halfway there for the mom's meeting (I thought).  So, I headed back out & made my transaction.  The kids weren't thrilled about all the extra driving around today so I decided that I was going to treat them to lunch from Arby's which is just up the road from my house.

On the way, I decided to get off the exit before mine because earlier in the day (when I made my trip to the non-existant mom's meeting) I saw a set of under the bed storage drawers along the side of the road for free.  I couldn't fit them in my van earlier because I had all the other furniture in it.  So, I decided to go back & see if they were still there.

They were.  But, t hey were still too long to fit into my van with 2 younger children with me.  So, I had to pass them up yet again.  Since we were out that direction & not far from a Sonic, I asked my boys if they wanted to go to Sonic instead.

Now, coming from the direction we were I had to make a left turn into the Sonic parking lot.  And, I'll be honest, there is a sign there saying 'no left turn', but I always thought that sign had to be a mistake.  I couldn't understand the reasoning & I had seen tons of people making that turn.  I've done it before too.  So, I turned in & pulled into an order spot.

I was in the middle of talking to my kids about what they wanted to have for their lunch when I notice a police officer walking up to my window.  I was honestly confused.  "Um.  Can I help you?" I asked.  And, that's when he informed me I made an illegal left turn and he asked for my driver's license and registration.  I was somewhat surprised...even though I'd seen that sign.  I apologized, told him I made a mistake,  & gave him my information.  I REALLY thought he'd give me a warning.

The most embarrassing thing was being pulled into the Sonic order space with a police cruiser parking me in, lights flashing.  Two different Sonic employees walked to ask if I needed any sauces!!!!  And, the other with the food we'd ordered (I figured I may as well still go ahead and place my order).  Both were smirking a bit.

The officer came back and sure enough he gave me a citation....a very expensive citation.  I was humiliated, upset...and ,yes, a little  angry.  My thoughts were, 'This is so unfair!!!  People do this all the time.  I apologized.  I made a mistake.  It seemed like a minor infraction to me.  It seemed like something he should have said, "Please be more aware and don't do it again."  But, it didn't happen that way & I was not happy.  It was the most expensive Sonic kid's meals ever.

On the way home, I called my husband.  My kids heard me ranting to my husband.  I ranted some more to him when he came home from work.  I posted about it on Facebook.  I felt so wronged & so angry.  I ate too many chocolate covered raisins & only felt more sick.  So, then I took a nap with my kids & woke up even more grumpy.

I'm not sure what stopped me in my tracks.  But, suddenly it occurred to me.  What kind of message was I sending my kids?  I knowingly broke a rule.  I got caught.  And, I had a consequence.  Yet, here I was going on & on about how I thought the consequence was unfair and how mean the police officer was for giving me a consequence.  Mature right?

But, it wasn't the police officers job to determine what kind of day I'd had or what kind of driver I normally am (I pride myself on being a safe & careful driver).  His job was to enforce the law.  And, he did.  And, I was wrong.

And now I need to eat some humble pie & talk to my children about how Mommy's attitude today was wrong.


  1. I was going 51 in a 35 one night on the way to get a pizza. The road had just turned from 50 mph to 35 mph and I didn't realize it.

    I got pulled over and got a very expensive ticket as well. I went to court and fought it. My fine was reduced and (thankfully!) I didn't get any points on my license.

    Perhaps you can apologize to a judge and get the ticket reduced?

  2. I love your heart in this post, Karen. So many times I realize WAY too late that what I was teaching my children during a time that I felt angry was completely wrong. I'm sorry you had such a rough day. Hoping your weekend gets WAY better. <3


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