Monday, November 26, 2012

A Quick Review

Wow!  I really seem to have virtually no time to blog anymore!  Or, if  I do have the time, there are other things that call out for my attention.
Ok!  Quick update!

1.  I mentioned I was going to participate in a craft show.  Unfortunately, the turnout wasn't quite what we all had hoped.  The show was the weekend before we were expected to get hit by Hurricane Sandy.  I think a lot of people decided to stay home or prepare themselves.

2.  We did weather the hurricane just fine.  Actually, on Tuesday morning I woke up and everything seemed really calm.  My first thought was, 'Was that it?'  Of course, as we saw the news about the devastation in other areas, we realized that not everyone had been as fortunate as us.  We did have one casualty though....

 Farewell Old, Gnarled Apple Tree

The Tree Took Out my Outside Glider as well. 

3. So what HAVE I been doing with myself?  Well, I had been busy prepping for the craft show.  But, I haven't done as much with refinishing/painting furniture lately.  Instead, I've been doing a lot of buying and reselling of furniture and vintage items.  I even started a group on Facebook!  It's a local group for buying and selling furniture, vintage, and household items.  (Did you know that people have started yard sale groups on Facebook?  I only learned this fairly recently.  This group is similar, but I wanted something specifically for these categories.)  I started the group about 4 months ago and we just recently reached the 1000+ Member mark!  It's where I do the majority of my selling anymore.  I've found it's a better option than Craigslist, where I felt like I was getting mostly spammy/ scammy stuff.

There is an auction house just 5 minutes up the road from me.  And, they have an auction every Tuesday!  This is where I've been finding a lot of my treasures.  You'd be amazed at the good deals you can get at an auction!  Of course, there are a lot of dealers who come too & drive prices up on things.  But, if you are willing to bid on something that needs a little tlc or a box lot that may have hidden treasures, you can actually make out quite well!  Not to mention, auctions are exciting...and maybe a wee bit addictive!

 This year my furniture refinishing sales & furniture/vintage items resales paid for our family vacation to the Finger Lakes in October almost entirely.  Now, I'm saving up money for some Christmas presents.  And, after that, I'd like to plan a trip for me and my girlfriends in the Spring.  Best of all, I've had the ability to be generous! I have tithed on all my profits.  And, I've had a couple times where I've heard of someone in need and actually had the ability to help them out.  It's a good feeling.

4.  Oh, and I found the most awesome website for boy gifts!  It's called JMCremps  and it's lot of adventure,  outdoorsy, science & history related stuff for boys.  It's awesome!

Here's one thing I'm definitely going to get for my boys.  They are obsessed  with the show Man vs. Wild and greatly admire Bear Grylls.  Turns out he has a book!  He wrote it for his own sons.  And, it contains words of wisdom and scripture references.  I can't wait to get this!

Well, there's a quickie update for you.  Sorry I've been neglecting the blog.  But, I hope to start writing on here a bit more regularly again.

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